Planet Soap

Handmade with Essential Oils

 Handmade in Scotland using Essential Oils and Natural Ingredients 

Planet Soap - we make soap by hand using the traditional cold process method. This retains all the skin nourishing goodness of the natural ingredients. The soaps are olive oil based and vegetarian/ vegan friendly. 

Essential Oil Soaps Planet Soap makes amazing fragrant, luxurious soaps using a carefully chosen range of pure essential oils. The delicious scent lasts all through the bar, and the soap is surprisingly long-lasting and gentle.

Shampoo Bars - Our easy, convenient Shampoo Bars are also handmade with high quality natural ingredients, including superbly conditioning Argan oil. 

Nettle Soap Planet Soap makes an excellent nettle soap, very popular with people with skin prone to psoriasis and eczema, or sensitive or itchy skin in general. Also popular with men who enjoy a wet shave, and anyone who enjoys a great natural soap without added fragrance.

Planet Soap Bath Bombs enriched with moisturizing Shea Butter in a range of gorgeous essential oil blend scents. These fizzing delights soften and scent the bathwater leaving the skin feeling silky smooth and pampered.    

Planet Soap Essential Oil Soy Candles - naturally beautiful soy candles in a clear glass jar and fragranced with popular Planet Soap essential oil blends. 

Planet Soap Natural Dog Soap - a great cleansing shampoo bar for your canine friends, Leaves their coats fresh and shiny and their skin comfy.  Convenient for spot-washing or a full bath, and economical - it lasts for ages! 

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